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ASE’s EN300 Series custom signage is made from UV stabilized, colorfast, single ply modified acrylic plate. The base (background) material is available in thicknesses of 1/16” (EN300) or 1/8” (EN301).  The tactile text and/or graphics are 1/32” thick.  Both elements have a non-glare matte finish.  The sign letters and graphics are attached with high bond …

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Our most versatile ADA product from a design standpoint is the EN400 Series.  The standard EN400 series features 1/8” Non-glare acrylic with painted sub-surface color/s.  The ADA compliant tactile text and/or graphics are colorfast single ply modified acrylic plate.  Text and/or graphics are raised 1/32” and Grade 2 domed Braille is embedded in the sign …

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The IN500 is an inlayed product that offers a high degree of tamper resistance.  The sign consists of a 1/32” thick ultra matte face adhered to a1/8” thick acrylic backer with high bond adhesive.  The text and/or graphics are cut from the ultra matte and 1/16” colorfast modified acrylic plate graphics are chemically welded to …

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The AB700 Series is a unique computer engraved product we call Acrybond®.  This series is similar in appearance to photo polymer, but offered at a fraction of the cost.  The 1/32” thick ADA compliant tactile text and graphics are laminated with high bond adhesive to 1/8” thick acrylic.  Domed Braille is then embedded in the …

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The ACV900 Series features surface or sub-surface applied vinyl on 1/16” acrylic.  For surface applications, a background color of acrylic polyurethane paint is applied to the sign face and computer cut vinyl is mounted to the painted surface.  For sub-surface signage, the vinyl text is applied to the back surface and the background color is …

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For large quantities of non-tactile signs with identical copy, choose our ACS903 Series signage.  Suitable for pictos, logos, map holders and other paper insert signs it utilizes surface or sub-surface screen printing on acrylic with a contrasting painted background.  UV inhibitors in the ink and paint make this product suitable for interior or exterior use.  …

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When you want a non-tactile sign at a reasonable cost, but don’t want to sacrifice your graphics options, consider our DP903 series.  The second surface of the acrylic sign blank is digitally printed with UV cured inks.  From subtle shadings to multicolored graphic designs to photo-realism, your sign can be customized in any combination of …

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