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This is a one-piece sign face made of very tough material.  It is highly vandal resistant, and our most durable interior product.


New Thermoformed Product – TF200

Solid Surface

Our SS1000 Series offers you the versatility and beauty of solid surface materials.  ASE can compliment the décor of any facility and enhance the product line of your choice with the look and feel of marble, stone or granite.  Available in all  Corian® colors from Dupont® , this ½” thick material (other thicknesses are available) …

Tactile Visions

Something New in ADA Signage Combine traditional ADA signage with a flatbed UV ink digital printer and suddenly the world of ADA becomes filled with possibility.  Background colors can become background graphics.  Graphic themes can be included in every sign in a project. Multicolored maps, floorplans, and evacuation routes are easily rendered in amazing detail. …


Informational signs, building and floor directories are critical elements to every project.  In addition to ADA compliant signage,  ASE prides itself as a custom manufacturer of aluminum and acrylic wayfinding signage and directories.  We can meet your specifications for building directories, informational signs, evacuation routes, room identification, sliding window signs, changeable message signs, maps, map …


ASE’s Blast-Etched® RE650 is a heavy-duty solid surface phenolic known for its environmental sustainability. It is made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and a proprietary petroleum free resin. It is the only solid surface material certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, Smartwood, and the Rainforest Alliance. It also carries an ASTM E84 Class A …