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This is a one-piece sign face made of very tough material.  It is highly vandal resistant, and our most durable interior product.

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We believe Blast-Etched® Melamine signage delivers the most value of any interior product we offer. It combines beauty, durability and economy. It is particularly well suited for schools, public buildings, hospitals, and other high traffic facilities. Blast-Etched® Melamine is available in thicknesses of 1/8” (BE100) or 1/4” (BE101). The base material is a melamine surface …


ASE’s BEFG801 Series is a Blast-Etched® ADA product using 3/16” (BEFG801) or ¼” (BEFG802) Fiberglass sheet.  This material is suitable for either interior or exterior use.  The background material is etched away leaving the text and graphics raised 1/32” from the surface, and the Braille rounded.  The etching process imparts a “leather like” patina to …


Do you or your client want a metal plaque, but are intimidated by the price?  ASE has a solution.  Our FB803 series is available in any Matthews® metallic color.  Our five standard colors are shown in the link below.  This Blast-Etched® fiberglass product is available in a thickness of either 3/16” or ¼”.  The Metallic …