ASE’s BEFG801 Series is a Blast-Etched® ADA product using 3/16” (BEFG801) or ¼” (BEFG802) Fiberglass sheet.  This material is suitable for either interior or exterior use.  The background material is etched away leaving the text and graphics raised 1/32” from the surface, and the Braille rounded.  The etching process imparts a “leather like” patina to the background.  White text is standard and custom text colors are available.   The background is painted with acrylic polyurethane and a UV clear coat can be added for maximum durability in any climate.

This is a one-piece sign face made of very tough material.  It is highly vandal resistant, and our most durable product.

For unlimited graphics possibilities BEFG801 can be produced as a Tactile Visions product.

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