Our most versatile ADA product from a design standpoint is the EN400 Series.  The standard EN400 series features 1/8” Non-glare acrylic with painted sub-surface color/s.  The ADA compliant tactile text and/or graphics are colorfast single ply modified acrylic plate.  Text and/or graphics are raised 1/32” and Grade 2 domed Braille is embedded in the sign face. 

Our EN Visions series provides nearly limitless design possibilities.  The second surface is digitally printed with UV cured inks.  From subtle shadings to multicolored graphic designs to photo-realism, your sign can be customized in any combination of colors you choose.  We can print any graphics file you can produce.  Logo’s can be incorporated to “brand” your project.  Custom shapes are always available.   After printing, the ADA compliant tactile text and/or graphics and Grade 2 Braille are then applied to the surface of the sign.

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